How Tumblr Made It Known ̶I̶’̶m̶ ̶We’re Really Not Alone!!!

   As I sit here in my car, parked in my regular made up parking spot, at this scenic Tim Hortons Parking Lot, community radio on the FM dial as background music, a medium Double-Double Coffee on the dashboard, and the occasional vehicle sneaking a peak at me, as they maneuver through the drive thru, I am drafting up this inspired Tumblr post at 2 in the AM, feeling alone, very alone, again.

   On one hand, I’m basically alone. On the other hand, primarily my nondominant left hand,  I’m on my iPhone with a 3G connection. So I really can’t be that alone, right? It is when I check in on Tumblr, where I tap the Heart, and peruse the portal of Likes I have collected through my occasional label browsing, that I find the people in this very world who essentially, click and tick just like me! Indeed providing that reassurance I need- we need, time and time again, that I- that We are not alone. It is this place in internet space, where seemingly random people pour their hearts and souls out into the Tumblr abode, initially not even knowing our Tumblr exists, yet airing out their initial one sided conversation to others who have had similar experiences, all because they happened to accurately describe their feelings as, Gifted.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Fuckin’ #Gifted.

   Whoa— Please excuse the strong language; I know how that “Gifted” word plays out. Ha, Yeah, Gifted— That seemingly stigmatic and empowering word that elicits different reactions and thoughts. What I know and really appreciate about this #Gifted label (Or other variations of “Gifted” that lie on our sidebar) is that it takes balls, boldness, and resolution to put that word out there like that, to essentially sum up a soliloquy by attaching a proper label to an inspired Tumblr post.

   It is that moment when a label is used, that those used to being in the minority, all of a sudden find themselves surrounded by the company of like minded people who are just like them, and it becomes an incredibly comforting, disarming and empowering inspirational experience.

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